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Home of Flavours at Manisan Bali ~ The Golden Age of Indonesian Archipelago Culinary

14 June 2019

Cocooned within a breezy Ubud rice field, Manisan Bali is a well-designed space that remains sensitive to the island’s rich cultural heritage. It provides the perfect setting to showcase the diverse and exotic flavours of the Indonesian archipelago in style. A picturesque pathway leads to a 350-year-old Javanese Joglo that also lends itself to wedding celebrations and private events. Manisan offers discerning guests an authentic dining experience featuring home-style dishes cooked with integrity with flavours from around the archipelago.

Currently, Manisan has launched a new menu curated by Indonesian Legendary Chef and President of Indonesia Chef Association, Mr Henry Alexie Bloem whom appointed as Culinary Advisor for Manisan, who has sourced the nation’s best recipes on his extensive travels. Partnering with the Resort Executive Chef, Ganesha, both Chefs bring more than 10 years of culinary experience from around the world to this new role.

Through this new menu, Manisan tries to introduce to the guest that every region in Indonesia has its own characteristic in the processing and unique taste presentation for each local cuisine. Manisan offers discerning guests an authentic dining experience featuring home-style dishes cooked with integrity with flavours from around the archipelago. The rich cultural heritage of beautiful archipelago holds stories waiting to be told. At Manisan Bali, authenticity plays an inescapable part of Indonesia’s Golden Age of taste. From the carefully selected ingredients to the way it is served, the taste to the mouth is deliciously craving for yet another bite.

Guest may try an authentic Indonesia food from around archipelago such as Ikan Timbungan, Tongseng Kambing, Cumi Masak Pekalongan, Garang Asem and many more. One of Manisan signature dish, “Nasi Bira” is quite popular for group lunch or dinner. This is yellow rice infused with kemangi leaves accompanied by dry salted fish, cucumber and eggplant. It is served with tasting portions of spicy honey grilled prawns, seared tuna fish sambal matah, chicken betutu, minced chicken satay lilit, rice field escargot, vegetable urap and snake beans with two kinds of sambals and crackers.

The other Manisan Menu based on Chef recommendation is “Bebek Goreng”, an Ubudian Crispy Duck, one dish in particular that has truly put Bali on the global food map is Crispy Duck. Manisan culinary team is committed to sourcing the very best ducks that Ubud has to offer from reputable local breeders to ensure the authenticity of this popular delicacy. The duck itself is infused with a yellow Balinese spice paste and then deep fried until crispy. It is served with steamed rice and an assortment of different sambals for extra flavour.

Try also the traditional archipelago sweetness “Pisang Ijo” a pandanus banana crepes with coconut syrup and bubur sumsum, an Indonesian traditional sweet dessert. The dessert is mainly made of coconut milk and rice flour that are being cooked until thickened and then chilled. The bubur itself is a little bit salty, complement by the sweetness from Gula Jawa


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