Privacy Policy

19 June 2017

Protecting customers’ personal information is very important for Alaya Hotel & Resorts. In our website, we refer to our policy and explain how we obtain, use and protect the personal information of customers to help customers understand better our policy.

Personal Information Voluntarily Provided by Customers
To provide customers with information about our products or services, Alaya Hotel & Resorts requests they disclose personal information such as their name, address, phone number or e-mail address. Also, to provide specific information in response to individual customer requests, Alaya Hotel & Resorts may request customers to disclose additional personal information. In such cases, customers can disclose the said additional personal information at their own will and options except certain requisite ones.

Alaya Hotel & Resorts sometimes provides more upgraded service via Cookies for customers. Cookies are designed to offer repeat users a more convenient service when using web contents, but are not intended to infringe on customers privacy nor cause any damage to customers’ computers. Setting up an internet web browser that rejects any incoming Cookies or displays signals every time Cookies are transmitted will be possible, but in some cases our website may not be comfortably operational.

SSL (Security)
When customers send their personal information via the internet, Alaya Hotel & Resorts utilizes security protection by SSL (Secure Socket Layer: an Industry Standard Security Function that encodes and transmits information on the internet). If customers use an SSL conformable web browser, incoming and outgoing personal information can be automatically encoded.

Purpose of the Use of Personal Information
Subject to the type of requested services, Alaya Hotel & Resorts will sometimes be requested to transfer limited personal information as required to a third party. In such cases, Alaya Hotel & Resorts notifies customers and obtains consent to disclose such personal information to the third party each time.


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