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A Blissful Ceremony at Alaya Resort Ubud

21 October 2022

Ubud 29 September 2022, Bali is called the Island of Gods for a reason: there are more than ten thousand temples spread across the island, and it’s impossible to calculate accurately just how many there are. Alaya Resort Ubud recently held its Piodalan which is a celebration when the temple was built and is based on the Balinese Calendar that falls two times a year. Every ceremony in Bali is to maintain the natural balance between the positive and negative energy.

As part of the preparation, the men made a ‘Penjor’ which is a bamboo pole decorated with palm leaves and agricultural products.  This ‘Penjor’ symbolizes Mount Agung that has provided safety and welfare, it also represents gratitude of the Balinese to ‘Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa’ (God Almighty) for all blessings and prosperity. On the other hand the women will be busy making beautiful offerings called ‘banten’ and ‘gebogan’. ‘Gebogan’ is an arrangement of fresh fruits, delicious cakes and snacks, and colorful flowers that will be offered during this special day. The ceremony its self was conducted by the most respected member of Balinese society called ‘Pedanda’ (Hindu Priest). Guests were also invited to witness this beautiful ceremony and were amazed by the rich culture, tradition and also the amount of effort to hold this ceremony.


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