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A Romantic Evening at Alaya Resort’s Petani Restaurant

21 December 2018

Dinner time provides a rare opportunity for one to light talks about the passing day with the loved one. Eating together is an important ingredient in a successful relationship. Even science does have to say on the matter. It is a scientific fact that sharing meals spark romance and lead to a love that is, well, all-consuming. It is a ‘so-called’ ritual in dating and romantic relationships that we barely stop to question why exactly we do it. We just did it, no question asked.

Therefore, whether you take your lover, crush, bride-to-be, out for dinner in a modern, super expensive restaurant, in a humble eatery at the side of the road or in a recommended restaurant consisting of complex yet flavoursome dishes that will take you through a culinary journey altogether, what’s important is the person sitting next to you. However, the dishes served on the table are where the magic and mystery lies. It is what triggers a long, good quality table talk.

Dining in Ubud is dedicated to those with the love of culture and romantic. Well-known for its quiet environment, relaxing ambiance and traditional atmosphere, this upland destination has several corners to see besides rice terraces, cultural places and temples. In terms of where to have fancy dining with ‘the one’, most of the restaurants in Ubud are sophisticated, while some others are laid-back. Combining dines with wine, views and some entertainment, dining in Ubud is worth spending.

If you happen to be in the centre of Ubud, Petani at Alaya Resort Ubud can be your first option. This street-front restaurant is a decent place to bring your date. Mixing a stylish Moroccan décor with vintage and contemporary elements, you can sit back and relax with your date, catching up on what is important in your date’s life at the moment. The romantic setup of the venue gives you the opportunity to talk about the day and all those little things that are crucial to maintaining a relationship.

If you prefer to have some light bites while you are trying to get connected with your date, order a piece of the delicious dessert from the counter that you can share on the table, and cups of coffee. Petani has its own team of trained baristas to make sure every cup of coffee is perfectly brewed using the finest grade Arabica beans from the Indonesia archipelago.

Well, there you have it! A nice, romantic evening in Ubud; such pleasant interactions with your date to fostering trust and intimacy in the early stages of a romance.


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