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Alaya Resort Ubud Continuously Supports Sustainability

26 April 2024


Alaya Resort Ubud has been actively taking part of sustainability that significantly reduces the environmental impact through green best-practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. The core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage. Other significant efforts include supporting the locals, adapting the concept of the Balinese in the operation and also customer satisfactory.

The four pillars of sustainability represent a framework that Alaya Resort Ubud that can be used to understand how to achieve sustainable development that is consistent covering the aspect of customers, employees, environment and owning company:

Human Sustainability
Alaya Resort Ubud applies on a daily basis the basic belief of the Balinese – Tri Hita Karana, where there is a harmonious balance between human and God, between human and the environment also a balance between each other.  Human sustainability examples include proper healthcare, training, career development, fair working condition, internal promotions, etc.

Social Sustainability
The social pillar of sustainable development at Alaya Resort Ubud supports the creation and development of communities with thriving social relationships and opportunities, while at the same time respecting the environment. Social sustainability examples include blood donation, vaccination, religious trips, supporting local companies, using talent from the local community, utilizing the local parking area at the monkey forest, supporting local charities, etc.

Economic Sustainability
Alaya Resort Ubud maximizes reduced costs paired with maximum efficiency, all while elevating the guest experience and creating a feeling of connection between the resort and our customers. Economic Sustainability examples include paper less directory, bottled bath amenities (refill system), glass bottled water in the rooms, no plastic usage for any take aways in the resort.

Sustainable strategic decisions in growing the business profit by developing a series of guest experience on the uniqueness of Alaya and enhancing customer value added benefit to support every quoted rate decision offered to our customers.

Sustainable rates growth is offered gradually to the partners along with the product and service development at Alaya.

Environment Sustainability
Environmental sustainability aims at improving human wellbeing and long-term sustainability by preserving the environment and more rational use of natural resources. Environment sustainability examples include adding cars that are hybrid, local thatched roofing system, recycle reduce and reuse programs in all departments, using bottled water in the guest rooms, adapt the subak irrigation system on the resorts

Being one of the best hotels in Bali isn’t something new for Alaya Resort Ubud. With almost 11 successful years of delivering exceptional services, we still strive to deliver nothing less than the best. Focusing on guest satisfaction combined with the amazing culture and hospitality of the Balinese, Alaya Ubud Resort portraits 5-star international standards with a touch of sincere local hospitality. By going green Alaya Resort Ubud is expected to do less damage to the environment, lower costs, and win goodwill from our customers


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