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Discover New Offerings at Alaya Resort Ubud

28 April 2017

Sophisticated boutique resort in Ubud unveils a brand-new culinary experience and facilities

BALI, Indonesia — Alaya Resort Ubud, a sanctuary of serenity and sophistication in the culturally charged village of Ubud, Bali, is delighted to announce the grand opening of its new wing and much talked about second restaurant, Manisan.

The new wing was built to meet growing demand from regional and international travellers looking to bask in the unique blend of luxury, tranquillity and cultural artistry that has become synonymous with Alaya’s signature brand of hospitality. It features 40 additional guest rooms, 5 suites, a gym, boardroom and another swimming pool. There is also a 350 year-old wooden joglo that has been repurposed as a wedding pavilion or venue for intimate events.

Alaya Resort Ubud’s latest collection of  guest rooms and suites take tropical luxury to the next level with thoughtfully designed interiors to anticipate all holiday needs before they are even realized. Bespoke furnishings and personal touches throughout further indicate Alaya’s meticulous attention to detail and penchant for Indonesian elegance.

Also within the new wing is the resort’s highly awaited restaurant, Manisan. Under the influence of celebrated Indonesian gourmand and food ambassador William Wongso, Manisan is a culinary theatre that showcases koki masak. This is a traditional form of local food preparation involving spontaneous cooking surprises honouring the diverse and authentic flavours of the Indonesian archipelago. Incidentally, William Wongso set the stage for the restaurant prior to its opening by hosting two sold-out dinners at the resort,

“The creation of a balanced menu that will bring to the table an all-new dining experience requires the expertise of a connoisseur whose knowledge of Indonesian cuisine is second to none. We are most fortunate to have William Wongso on board to steer Manisan in the right direction,” said Mr Gunawan. “With an eclectic mix of mainstream food traditions from places such as Minangkabau and Bandung, not to mention specialities native to cities like Pontianak and Ambon, we will ensure that Manisan’s menu embraces the food culture within our nation.”

Manisan sits in the middle of a productive rice field adjacent to the resort with space to comfortably seat up to 128 dinners. It is housed within a reclaimed joglo (a traditional Javanese wooden home) that was sourced from Central Java and reassembled in Ubud. Upon being expertly refurbished, the building now melds age-old architecture with modern features.

Prior to his sudden passing, Made Wijaya, an Australian born authority on Balinese culture, tropical gardens and island-inspired aesthetics, took the lead on the restaurant’s interior to complement its traditional façade. The overall look has been styled with classic table settings, hand-painted ceramic floor tiles and selected artworks to balance the splendour of the joglo’s elaborately carved ceiling. Manisan is Made Wijaya’s final project and it has been finished to exacting standards in a fitting tribute to his creative spirit.

In order to protect and preserve the delicate balance of serenity and intimacy within the property, Perth-based architectural firm Grounds Kent, presided over the construction of the new wing. This award-winning company went to great lengths to ensure that the additions to Alaya Resort Ubud would have a minimal impact upon its carefully-cultivated atmosphere.

“Alaya Resort Ubud is still very much a boutique property through and through,” said Jimmy Gunawan, CEO of AIM Hospitality, which manages Alaya Hotels. “In placing the new wing at the back, the changes to the resort are subtle at first look while bringing a significant boost to its capacity, which has now increased to over 100 rooms.”

Located in “downtown” Ubud, the resort shares the same rice paddy views as the renowned Bebek Bengil “dirty duck” dinner. It is also within walking distance of the popular Monkey Forest Sanctuary, a sacred nature reserve and temple complex.



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