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Preserving Balinese Cultural Heritage and Hospitality Traditions

27 November 2019

A Week of Temple Festivities for the Piodalan Celebration of Alaya Resort Ubud

As a part of Alaya Resort Ubud’s commitment to preserving Bali’s rich cultural heritage, it recently hosted a week-long schedule of religious activities that are in line with the island’s Tri Hita Karana concept. The resort has always endeavoured to prioritise the Hindu religion with regular temple visits and conducting relevant ceremonies in accordance to the Balinese calendar. These ongoing efforts have not gone unnoticed and we are proud to have been acknowledged in the prestigious NOW Bali Awards and Tri Hita Karana Awards 2019 as a respected company that honours Balinese values.

Alaya Resort Ubud’s ‘Week of Temple Festivities’ in conjunction with its Piodolan (temple anniversary celebration) was conducted from 8th to 15th November 2019. It involved a series of exciting events included a Macapat & Mekidung Competition, Gebogan Competition, Mereresik Competition, Ngias Pelinggih, Tirta Yatra and Darma Wecana that culminated in the actual Piodalan Ceremony itself. Alaya staff members contributed not only their time but also their artistic talents to this festival with vibrant dance performances such as the Rejang Sari, Rejang Renteng, Tari Topeng and Baris Jago.

During this week of religious activities, Alaya Resort Ubud invited all in-house guests as well as media partners to experience this unique temple festival. They were given the opportunity to dress in traditional sarongs and pray alongside staff members to express gratitude for all of the blessings bestowed by God Almighty. The ceremony reinforced the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan).


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