Alaya Hotels and Resorts Initiate Charity Programs Amid Pandemic

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Alaya Hotels and Resorts have launched charity programs to help those in need, ranging from distributing face masks, food materials to monetary support. Alaya Hotels and Resorts have started three charities under its Alaya Care, Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Program from Employees of Alaya Resort Ubud.

In the first charity, as previously announced, Alaya Resort Ubud has previously established a partnership with Pasraman Gurukula Foundation to make an ongoing sustainable contribution to a local school and community in Bali. Following a site visit to the Pasraman located in Bangli on August 2019, a sustainable CSR agreement between the resort and the foundation was signed. This document states that Alaya Resort Ubud will support Pasraman Gurukula Foundation on a monthly basis by providing food for 200 kg rice and monetary support from Alaya Care, CSR program funded from 2% of employee salary and Ibu Dewi Mas as the Advisor for this Alaya Care contribution. This is a part of Alaya Care program as its commitment for its sustainable contribution since August 2019. 

In going collaboration with Yayasan Bumi Sehàt based on each designated project. Started last year, Alaya Resort Ubud helped to improve the sanitation and hygienic program of the employee SOP as well donating some other needs such as linen, chemical etc. This year due to COVID-19 situation the management team supported by employee initiates to provide additional donation to Yayasan Bumi Sehàt with gallons of disinfectant and hand sanitizer. On the top, as additional, an approx. 100 fabric reusable face mask for visitors of Yayasan Bumi Sehàt, was contributed by Ibu Dewi Mas, General Manager Alaya Hotels and Resorts as a part of Alaya Care commitment.

 “As we are together in this trying times, we try to help other people getting through this situation as we believe, together we are stronger.” Commented Ibu Dewi Mas, on this charity program. She also said that this contribution goes towards supporting the health and education of disadvantaged members of the local community via Pasraman Gurukula and Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a non-profit foundation. All contributions will go directly to both foundation to help cover the costs of various ongoing programs. 

On Alaya’s CEO birthday on 21st of April, Bapak Jimmy Gunawan was also touched to make a donation to all Alaya Hotels and Resorts employees. “We are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our employees” said Jimmy Gunawan, chief operating officer of Alaya Hotels and Resorts “This food material distribution initiative is a way to express our gratitude and well-deserved appreciation for Alaya’s family and we hope these food material can provide a bit of comfort during these trying times.”

Similar contribution was also distributed by Ibu Dewi Mas to Alaya Resort Ubud’s outsource team of Security Safety and Gardener Team as a part of Management commitment in supporting our Alaya family.

Having crated this sustainable contribution that is essentially all about giving back and supporting a local community, Alaya Hotels & Resorts now serves as a role model. This has all come about under the banner of the Alaya Care program with the aim to expand CSR opportunities for individuals or groups and accelerate the adoption of sustainability inclusion initiatives. 

As a premier local brand, Alaya Hotels and Resorts hope to inspire other like-minded entities within the hospitality sector to embrace similar programs. This collaboration is an opportunity to express gratitude for all of the blessings bestowed by God Almighty. It also reinforces the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan).



Nyepi Day in Bali

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Bali’s cultural calendar is a non-stop cycle of religious ceremonies and colourful rituals that dominate all aspects of daily life on the island. The most unique occasion of all is Nyepi Day or Balinese New Year in accordance to the Saka Lunar calendar system. Unlike turn of the year festivities in other parts of the world, it is celebrated in silence as the entire island literally shuts down for 24 hours. The lead up to this holy day involves a number of different events that are all intrinsically tied to the whole Nyepi experience such as Melasti Ceremony and Pengerupukan.

Melasti is a customary procession for followers of the Hindu faith that always takes place in the days leading up to the Saka New Year. It involves sacred temple artefacts being carried to the sea or nearest holy spring for ritual purification. The best locations to observe this unique tradition are Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach as hundreds of Balinese people parade along the shoreline dressed in white ceremonial costumes. Visitors are reminded to be respectful of these proceedings by taking photos from a distance, especially during prayers.

The eve of Balinese New Year in accordance to the Saka Lunar calendar is a festive celebration that takes place just before the island is shrouded in silence. Giant monster effigies are carried through the streets in lively parades featuring flaming torches, firecrackers and loud gamelan music. The aim is to create as much noise as possible to deter unseen spirits and malevolent forces from disturbing Bali’s seemingly peaceful existence.

Indulge in some well-deserved time away to unwind and reconnect with a loved one in a romantic hideaway at Alaya Resort Ubud or Alaya Dedaun Kuta. Both Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta presents a relaxing tranquillity package that invites you to stay 2 nights in a well-appointed Ubud’s Room or a Kuta’s private villa complete with exclusive privileges. It is valid for the period of stay from 1- 30 March 2020 with reservations made online using the promo code “TRANQUILLITY” at  starting immediately until 29 March 2020.


Properties under the Alaya Hotels & Resorts Banner Score Highly to Achieve 5-Star Classification

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Alaya Hotels & Resorts has successfully maintained its credibility with the two properties under its corporate banner scoring highly to achieve 5-star classification. Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta were both evaluated and acknowledged by PT. Qis Certi Indonesia. These awards reinforce the fact that a local brand has the ability to excel alongside international hospitality corporations. 

Alaya Dedaun Kuta claimed Diamond Certification for villa accommodation, which is the highest possible rating for a non-star property during an annual surveillance. This was carried out by PT. QIS Certi on 25th November 2019 and was the accumulation of a thorough two-year evaluation process to gain this prestigious status. 

Nestled beneath the timeless branches of a majestic tree, Alaya Dedaun Kuta captures the spirit of a traditional Balinese village in a design concept attuned to the attributes of outdoor living. A collection of just 12 private villas make a conscious effort to anticipate the needs of modern travellers seeking serenity in the heart of Bali’s favourite beachside playground. As the only property of its kind in the area, Alaya Dedaun Kuta offers affordable luxury with a distinct focus on tropical relaxation.

The same accolade went to Alaya Resort Ubud. Following an annual surveillance audited by PT. QIS Certi on 16th December 2019, the resort proudly celebrated its own 5-star classification This undertaking not only marked seven years of dedicated service, it also coincided with the resort successfully completing a rigid two-year evaluation process. Remarkably, Alaya Resort Ubud scored an exceptionally high result of 1035 out of 1040 to achieve 5-star hotel classification.

“Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta truly deserve the highest scores for this year’s surveillance. There have been notable improvements at each property and they are both dedicated to cultural preservation and maintaining a harmonious environment for all guests and staff members,” said Mr. Putu Tirtayasa, PT. QIS Certi’s Lead Auditor. 

These achievements represent a long journey of hard work and determination. For Alaya Resort Ubud it particular, this well-deserved classification status coincided with celebrations to mark the property’s 7th anniversary. 

PT. QIS Certi is one of the best business certification institutions in Indonesia. It is supported by auditors and experts who are experienced in assessing management and tourism systems, and evaluating competency in accordance to ISO 17021 standards. Based on the Accreditation Certificate from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) and the Ministry of Tourism as a Tourism Business Certification Institute (LSUP), PT. QIS Certi Indonesia is a reliable, independent and trusted certification company. From the audit results, PT. QIS Certi Indonesia is able to provide added value to tourism related companies by helping them to improve their products, services and management strategies on an ongoing basis.

In response to these achievements, Mrs. Dewi Mas, CHA, CHT, General Manager Alaya Hotels & Resorts, briefly addressed staff members and expressed her gratitude. She personally thanked everyone from both Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta for their dedication and for continuing to deliver heartfelt hospitality that is a primary source of guest satisfaction. She also shared her belief that together as a united team, the entire Alaya family has a role in ensuring the brand’s ongoing success.  


Alaya Hotels and Resorts has maintained its credibility in preserving Balinese culture through the achievement of the Tri Hita Karana and PR Simpatik awards 2019

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The awards just came for Alaya Hotels & Resorts, reinforcing that a local brand has the ability to excel alongside international hospitality corporations. The last week of November 2019 saw both Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta achieved Emerald Accreditations in Bali’s annual Tri Hita Karana Awards. At the same time, Alaya Resort Ubud was also acknowledged with two PR Simpatik Awards.

Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta were both awarded Emerald Accreditations during Tri Hita Karana (THK) Awards 2019. The awards were presented during an official ceremony hosted on 29th November 2019 at the Ksirarnawa Hall, Art Centre in Denpasar. This culturally-inspired event was attended by leading Balinese hoteliers and business owners. The awards essentially recognize significant achievements in incorporating sustainable spiritual, social and environmental principles and practices into business operations. This is Alaya Resort Ubud’s second Emerald Award which has completed the best score in Tri Hita Karana accreditation so the property has been upgraded to the top Emerald 3 award this year as a Five Star Property and also a second Emerald award for Alaya Dedaun Kuta as a Boutique Villa.

In conjunction with the Tri Hita Karana Awards, the foundation also presented PR Simpatik Awards to deserving hospitality employees in the field of public relations. One of Alaya Resort Ubud team were rewarded for their fine efforts. Assistant Sales Manager – Ni Wayan Anik Yuliastini won the best favourite place for Manager Level. This award is dedicated public relations practitioners in Bali’s hospitality industry for their contribution in advocating the Tri Hita Karana philosophy on a professional and personal level.

The evaluation process involved all finalists answering written tests about their understanding of the Tri Hita Karana lifestyle concept. These results contributed extra points towards the final assessment. The aim of this was to identify winning candidates who are capable of disseminating THK programs, not only within their respective workplaces, but also within local society in general.

Under the Alaya Hotels & Resorts banner, both properties strive to implement the principles of Tri Hita Karana, which is a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy, into all areas of business. We are committed to adhering to local cultural and spiritual beliefs, as well as trying to make a difference to those less fortunate who do not directly benefit from the island’s tourism sector.


Manisan Bali Recognised for its Wide-Ranging Indonesian Menu by the Editors of NOW! Bali

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NOW! Bali, a leading magazine for visitors and the international community, has announced the official winners in The Bali Best Restaurant, Bar and Café Awards 2019. This annual initiative acknowledges and rewards the island’s finest food and beverage venues. This year, Manisan Restaurant under the Alaya banner was awarded for having the Most Wide-Ranging Indonesian Menu in the Editor’s Choice category. The NOW! Bali Best Restaurant Bar and Café Awards is an exclusive undertaking that was first launched back in 2015 with the aim to promote the many high-quality food and beverage establishments that Bali has to offer. Over the past few years, the island has evolved significantly and it now has what many consider to be a world-class food scene.


Alaya Hotels & Resorts Took Action on World Cleanup Day 2019

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On 21st September 2019, volunteers worldwide came together to rid our planet of trash – by cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from beaches, rivers, forests, and streets. World Cleanup Day activities also took place all across Bali on the same day. This was an important first step for the people of Bali to strengthen their commitment and be accountable for the cleanliness of the island. 

Alaya Hotels & Resorts lent its full support to the World Cleanup Day program. While the brand is all about creating opportunities for intimate cultural interactions and exposing guests to the natural beauty of each destination, it is also committed to being a responsible host and treading lightly on the environment.

Cleanup activities on the day involved all senior management and staff members from Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta. The Ubud team focused their efforts on removing rubbish from the banks of a nearby river and network of irrigation canals that feed local rice fields. Meanwhile, the Kuta team joined forces with other hotels in the area and participated in an early morning cleanup of Bali’s iconic Kuta Beach. They managed to fill many bags with various items including discarded bottles, drinking straws, broken sandals and other bits of debris. This event organized by Suksma Bali had total of 59,207 participants who had collected 2060 kg of organic waste and 17,571 kg of non-organic waste around Bali area. 

Long before this cleanup, Alaya Hotels & Resorts has always taken steps to engage the community in long-term environmental initiatives. Even though garbage is an inevitable part of tourism, its existence needs to be managed wisely. Every effort must be taken to ensure that all waste generated from visitors and local people alike does not cause damage or negatively impact Bali’s reputation as a popular holiday destination. This also means that the island’s current landfill system needs to be urgently evaluated to prevent garbage from re-entering rivers and the surrounding ocean.

Alaya Hotels & Resorts respect for the environment is firmly entrenched in the brand’s vision that conservation, community and commerce can and should be integrated. Alaya’s “green” efforts extend beyond the operational aspects of each resort to create a positive impact on the community – economically, socially and culturally. This includes maintaining a productive rice field adjacent to Alaya Resort Ubud as well as having a “living kitchen” onsite to grow fresh ingredients. Alaya is also on a mission to ditch single use plastics. 

General Manager of Alaya Hotels & Resorts, Mrs. Dewi Mas, CHA, CHT, is driving the entire team to try and cut down on environmentally damaging resources such single-use plastics. Both properties under the Alaya banner have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics from all hotels by 2018 – and to serve as a leader in the hospitality industry for a plastic-free moment-turned-movement.

This sustainability event was an opportunity to express gratitude for all of the blessings bestowed by God Almighty. It also reinforced the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan).


Alaya Hotels & Resorts Conducts HIV/AIDS and Drug Prevention Counselling for All Employees

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During the month of August, Alaya Hotels & Resorts Kuta collaborated with dr. Romy Associates to conduct HIV/AIDS and NAPZA (Narcotics, Psychotropics and Addictive Substances) prevention counselling. These informative sessions were available for all employees of Alaya Resort Ubud, Alaya Dedaun Kuta, Tanaya Bed & Breakfast, Tan’s Bakery and Pastry, and Dala Spa.

HIV/AIDS and NAPZA prevention counselling is an important mode of behavioural intervention. NAPZA are narcotics, psychotropics, and other additive substances which endanger users. There are many cases around Bali related to drug abuse and the number of users continues to increase. This information inspired Alaya Hotels & Resorts to reach out to dr. Romy Associates to host a series of counselling events about the dangers of drug abuse with the aim of preventing young people from experimenting with illegal substances. 

In addition, the team from dr. Romy Associates educated Alaya Hotels & Resorts staff members about HIV/AIDS. The term HIV refers to a virus that affects people by weakening the human immune system so that the body fails to fight infection. This virus is produced in human cells, while AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a more progressive disease with a collection of symptoms that arise due to the loss of immunity. 

Through this counselling, staff at both Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta learned that there is no guaranteed vaccine or curative treatment for HIV/AIDS. Contracting the virus means having to deal with a number of medical, psychological and social issues. In many countries, women and girls are today bearing a heavier burden than men when it comes to HIV infection. 

Gender inequalities limit women’s access to HIV/AIDS treatment, care and support, including antiretroviral therapies. HIV positive women face stigmatization and are more likely than men to be blamed, denounced and abandoned by their families. 

The increasing number of HIV/AIDS cases and NAPZA users in Indonesia is a real concern and immediate action must be taken. The Alaya Hotels & Resorts Management Team hopes that this kind of awareness program will reinforce the importance of prevention and safe sex practices. The overall aim is to protect people and their partner/s by sharing valuable information that will greatly reduce the likelihood of transmission.  

This sustainability program was one of our concerns for each other. It also reinforced the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan).


Alaya Hotels & Resorts Awarded as Best Seller in Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2019

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The award of the month for Alaya Hotels & Resorts have just been received. These accolades serve as a timely reminder that a local brand has the ability to excel alongside international hospitality corporations. In the month of June 2019, Alaya Hotels and Resorts proudly accepted an award as Best Seller from Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2019 during the farewell dinner on 28th June 2019 at ITDC Nusa Dua.

The award from BBTF came as a complete surprise. It was part of the International Travel Fair program in appreciation for Alaya Hotels and Resorts commitment to be a best seller by their hospitality service during BBTF show at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre on 27th and 28th June 2019. This award was obtained by judging approximately 200 sellers who participated in the BBTF event. The judging was done by giving a questionnaire to 300 buyers from 52 countries. In addition, the BBTF committee also conducts evaluations based on the number of sellers and visitors who visit the seller’s booth. The award proof that Alaya Hotels and Resorts’s brand become the most popular property in hospitality industry as only 3 seller invited to get this prestigious award.

The annual Bali & Beyond Travel Fair is a prestigious event recognized as the nation’s largest travel platform that promotes Indonesian tourism to the world by bringing buyers and sellers together in a single forum. With the theme “Journey to Sustainable Tourism”, the event ultimately reflects the desire of the Indonesian tourism industry to preserve and protect its unique cultures and natural environment. The fair’s organizing committee has included a number of insightful side activities to engage international delegates. Organized by the Bali Chapter of the Indonesian Association of Travel Agents (ASITA-Bali), 6th BBTF 2019 is supported by the Ministry of Tourism that continuously work hand in hand to reach the target tourism for Indonesia.

Under Alaya Hotels and Resorts’ Banner both properties at Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta endeavour recognizes elite service and high scoring peer-to-peer customer reviews from all online site reviews, as well as excellence in pricing and availability.

“I personally found this whole process to be professional and motivating in comparison to other initiatives. I am very fortunate to be the recipient of this prestigious award as Best Seller recognised by Bali Beyond Travel Fair 2019. It also most encouraging that Alaya Hotels and Resorts was identified as an outstanding local property. I believe that this appreciation proof that both Alaya Resort Ubud and Alaya Dedaun Kuta including its outlets; Manisan, Petani and Dala Spa have increased their popularity among the hospitality industry. I am confident that Alaya Hotels & Resorts will stand behind it commitment to provide the highest standards of service and continue to deliver exceptional guest experiences at both properties under its corporate banner.” Said Mrs. Dewi Mas CHA, CHT, Alaya Hotels and Resorts’ General Manager during BBTF Farewell Party.


Visit Orphanage House as Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Alaya Dedaun Kuta

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June 2019, Alaya Dedaun Kuta with visited Local Orphanage “Tat Twam Asi’ Located in Renon, Denpasar. This is a part of Alaya Care as Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Alaya Hotels and Resorts.

This program was attended by staff and management teams from Alaya Dedaun Kuta, Tanaya Bed & Breakfast, Dala Spa and Tans Bakery and Pastry. It was launched with a few words of encouragement from Resident Manager of the Alaya Dedaun Kuta, Mrs Dewi Artini. Beside gives the Donations, Dedaun group also give knowledge about how to fold a Napkin, how to decorate cupcakes and fun door prize. 

Tat Twam Asi Orphanage which is managed based on Hindu teachings, successfully delivered a number of foster children to obtain bachelor’s degrees and live independently. Established in 1987, the orphanage house has helped more than 1000 children to have a better formal and non-formal education.

“Helping others is our common obligation and we are fully committed to support local communities” Said Dewi Artini, Resident Manager Alaya Dedaun Kuta. 

Alaya Dedaun Kuta Management Team hopes that this kind of activity will enhance environmental awareness amongst our staff members. By taking action now as a likeminded community, we can all make a difference to how we leave Bali for future generations as a part of Alaya Hotels & Resorts respect for the environment is firmly entrenched in the brand’s vision that conservation, community and commerce can and should be integrated.

This sustainability program was an opportunity to express gratitude for all of the blessings bestowed by God Almighty. It also reinforced the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan).


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